An illustrated tribute to the most beautiful seaside town in the world. A fake magazine obviously inspired by “The New Yorker” and all the fantastic spin-off projects from all over the world born with the intention of enhancing places of the heart through the language of the visual.
Venice is a surreal place where reality and fantasy meet, where time is relative and magic is everywhere you look. The language of illustration is the most suitable for describing it and paying homage to it: this is why The Venezianer was born. So many different artists, to tell suggestions, glimpses, secrets of the Serenissima.
The Venezianer is curated by Juta Studio, which deals with the art direction and enhancement of the works in respect of the illustrators involved.

A magical person lived in Burano, who remained in everyone's hearts for his house painted in incredible geometries and colors, and for his personality as an eternal dreamer: Giuseppe Toselli, known as Bepi Suà.
Albertina, his sister, recounts "as if it were yesterday when, on summer evenings, Bepi would hang a sheet from the front of the warehouse in front of the house and, with a huge machine, project cartoons, laugh-out-loud episodes of Laurel & Hardy, and absurd "performances" by the clown Ridolini. How many children enjoyed it, with Bepi's outdoor cinema."

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